Study Experiment

Struggling With Sources

I’m trying to get you to come up with a research question and hopefully this research question is something that’s interesting to you that you feel impregnated by wonder when you think of it and that it drives your curiosity when you’re researching it’s not a question that you come up with because you think it will be just easy to research or you feel like you already know the answer to and it’ll be you can find sources – I understand that all that is helpful right we don’t want to pick difficult questions where we’re going to be struggling to find sources and need help that’s not a fun place to be in when your grade is on the line. Read about finding and working with sources for your argumentative essay at Edusson.

And you’ve got deadlines but at the same time choose a topic that is interesting to you that makes you wonder and don’t just do one-stop shopping on Google the purpose of this assignment is to investigate multiple points of view and to ask questions and to become curious about this topic so one way in which we kind of narrow the focus of your research and help you to discern what it is you’re going to research and write about is with a research question so this is different from just coming up with a topic right a topic might be something like illegal immigration the war in Afghanistan medical marijuana euthanasia those are topics and you can research them but often there is so much information on those topics that you can find just tons of information you can find the history of euthanasia you can find one person’s story about seeking assisted suicide you can find the actual process of euthanasia and what goes on and that’s all valuable information but sometimes that can mean that you’re floundering from source to source not really sure what it is you’re looking for whereas a research question controls and drives your research so if your research question is something like is euthanasia ethical or is animal testing ethical.

Then you are looking for sources that speak to that specific question and yes you may want to find those sources that talk about the history of animal testing or what is entailed what companies do it those kind of things but you know that you also want to find sources that talk about the ethics of it specifically who believes it’s ethical and why who believes it’s not ethical and why not and so that helps give you focus and eventually because you are going to have to write a paper on it that focus is going to help drive your thesis so it helps you figure out where am I going to actually you know what’s the purpose of my paper it’s going to be to answer the research question that you present or that you come up with in this assignment now that may change I do want to say that up front.