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Movie review: Raja the Great (2017)

The Tollywood industry has to toil and moil to break the glass ceiling in order to categorize itself under a quality cinema with an exception of Bahubali. The directors want to turn on the audience by interpolating good action sequence and item songs but is proving to be complete fiasco either due to feeble or monotonous plot.
This Deepavali saw the release of a piquant flick Raja the Great with Ravi teja in the lead role after his Temporary break from onscreen for two years. Vaunted as ravi teja’s inimitable movie with his characterization in blind role, It takes a time to mull over the plot before hitting the screens. The movie has labyrinth of twists and turns with non chalant performances. Even in such an insipid role , Ravi teja steamrolls other artists effortlessly. Not a rambunctious movie of ravi teja which one would expect but definitely tailored to accentuate his heroism and mass appeal. So let us strike the key note of the movie –story before pursuing its tone.

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Story- The theme of the movie is vengeance. Lucky(Mehreen pirzada)’s father Prakash(Prakash raj) is put up to death by Devaraju(Vivan bhatena) for killing his brother. Raja( Ravi teja) is blind by birth who is emboldened by his mother Ananthalakshmi (Radhika), a head constable to become a police officer. Now Devaraju wants to hound lucky and due to this reason Ananthalakshmi exhorts her son to join police department. Subsequently , he is roped into the police department to carry out the remaining task. The rest of the story revolves betwixt Devaraju and Raja.
Technical Aspects- Storyline of the movie is prosaic with no inimitability but still it has the run for humongous success due to its wholesome entertainment and grandiose background score by sai karthick. The songs of the movie are mediocre. Some of the dialogues are peopled with humour which will make you laugh intermittently. Camera work and other technical aspects were handled in a pedant manner. Albeit , the story was simple but the director will receive rapturous plaudits from the throng for giving a gleeful aura in the theatre. The second half of the movie is exaggerated and could have been tweaked by hewing running time with few ameliorations. Asunder from this, the director could have attempted to give a tinge of classy touch to the movie rather than making it a mass entertainer. Like his earlier movie patas , this too will appeal to mass audience. The character of ravi teja as visually challenged though drawn in main essentials yet rings less true to its importance as his fans wouldn’t have expected him to do such kind of role. Cinematography is fine and production values are acceptable. The fight in the bleak surroundings would make audience to surmise that it is the culmination of the movie but it is not so and song that follows after this would make them to give reproachable look at the movie.
Analysis- The movie is environed by parody with ravi teja emerging as trendsetter for comic role as hero. He rules the roost in the scenes as a blind person leaving you dumbstruck with his electrifying performance. Mehreen manages to give a decent performance. Radhika’s come back after a lapse of years is watchable and entertaining. Tanikella bharani is amazing in his role as villain’s father . Vivan bhatena in a negative shade does justice to his role. Srinivas reddy’s role is complicated and suffuses throughout the movie with ravi teja to sustain the humour content.. Rajendra Prasad and prudhvi do same stereotypical comedy as usual. Posani, sathyam rajesh and other comedians have given stricken performance with burlesque jokes. Second half falters with no captivating scenes . Shot in lush green locales of Darjeeling in sequestered spots will leave you spellbound .On the whole , it is a movie sacred to the masses and triumphant in its assertion with mass maharaja enthralling them successfully. So leave your cerebrum at home before you hit the screen so that later you may not cry over the split milk.

Verdict: Overall, an average movie which is heralded to pick up pace only due to Ravi teja’s performance . This movie might receive fusillades of criticism from class audience, so ponder twice before taking a decision to watch this flick. Watch it only for Ravi teja and humour.