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Struggling With Sources

I’m trying to get you to come up with a research question and hopefully this research question is something that’s

Avoid Extreme Statements

Certainly something to think about as you’re writing maybe you write the first paragraph read through it again and say o

IELTS Writing: The 3 Essay Types

Today’s lesson is an IELTS lesson, so as usual, I’ll be speaking a little bit faster than normal, give you a littl

5 business myth traps to avoid at interviews. 

What do you do when the obvious answer to an interview question makes sense , but isn’t always right? Most Interview questio

Movie Review by Edusson: Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream Release Date: October 27, 2000 Darren Afronsky Reichel Rating  By Brittany Reichel April 22, 2010 The tra

Movie review: Raja the Great (2017)

The Tollywood industry has to toil and moil to break the glass ceiling in order to categorize itself under a quality cinema wi

How to write a CV personal statement

Writing a CV personal statement is really similar with writing a cover letter. Both are for selling yourself to a future autho

3 Power Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

Focus On Your Accomplishments The key for a director’s resume, or anyone else who has had vast experience in management,

Determine What’s Important While You Are In School

These days, a huge emphasis is being placed on the importance of education. But, as everyone knows, a lot more happens in scho

Alien (1979) vs. Predator (1987) – The science fiction dream match-up

Ever since the viewers saw the appearance of an Alien skull on-board the Predator’s ship fans were salivating over the idea