Study Experiment

Avoid Extreme Statements

Certainly something to think about as you’re writing maybe you write the first paragraph read through it again and say okay where’s where can I underline what the point is right because it should be clear at the beginning and then at the end it should tie up to that idea at the beginning and it should summarize everything and there should be closure all right it shouldn’t be left open ended it should be very concise in that way and then another piece to think about is the title the title is not necessarily required with your essay but I personally would really recommend it.

It will never hurt your application to have a title so with your title it’s important to try and be creative I’m so potentially using a hook you know have something that’s going to grab my attention and make me think oh I wonder what this is about I want to read this essay and figure out you know what’s up with this essay I’m consider your tone and so you don’t know who your audience is right you don’t necessarily know who the admission counselor is who is going to be reading on the other side and so definitely make sure that you are being cautious and sensitive with potentially some humor or some other issues and once again I’m going to talk about that a little bit more here in just a moment and yes I just want to point out in the comments box box on there is a link to an article actually read yesterday it was very very helpful written by education USA office regarding essay writing and something to try and avoid which is extreme and general statements.

So I really encourage you to check out that that blog if you can to further explain something to try and avoid within your essay ok so then proofreading is this next step so making sure that you are reading through um if you feel good with it make sure you are going through it with a comb with a fine-tooth comb okay do not rely on spell check do not rely on using a thesaurus okay I’m going to say this again because very important do not rely on spell check or using a thesaurus especially one that is built-in if you’re using Microsoft Word just because you don’t see that little red squiggly squiggly underneath a word does not mean that it’s correct and it’s also very dangerous to do auto fix and fix everything without knowing exactly what they’re changing it to so an example of this gone wrong last year we had a student apply to bryant university and in her essay she was trying to say i am aspiring to be and spellcheck had changed it to I am perspiring to be that is certainly not what she was trying to say and it was not proof read in a way that she caught it those are things that we do catch and we do read them and we do notice that.